SAK deals with a variety of products ranging from heavy industrials equipments to daily used stationary products. Our well experienced and professional team can source and deliver the products of your choice at your door step with high degree of commitment.

Our expertise lies in the sales and technical support of different types of small, medium and heavy machineries and equipments from the following fields.

  • 1) Construction Machineries, Materials and Tools.
  • 2) Advertisement Machineries and Equipments.
  • 3) Packaging and Printing Machineries.
  • 4) Other Industrial Machineries and Equipments.

We can also support your business growth by effective sourcing of products from international and domestic markets from the following fields at affordable cost.

  • 1) Computer Hardware’s and Software’s.
  • 2) Security and Access Control Systems.
  • 3) Electrical and Electronic Equipments.
  • 4) Furniture and Interior Products.
  • 5) Automobile Spare Parts.
  • 6) Medical and Fitness Solutions.
  • 7) Energy and Lighting Solutions.
  • 8) Hardware’s and Fitting solutions.
  • 9) Home Appliances.
  • 10)Stationary, Gifts and Toys.
  • 11) Agricultural Equipments.
  • 12) Sports and Entertainment Accessories.
  • 13) Apparels and Fashion Accessories.