Imports & Exports

SAK can provide you with a comprehensive range of Import and Export international services. We will evaluate your requirements and ensure that you and your clients receive the most effective solutions.

We control our international operations through our affiliates who are well-trained and experienced local citizens ready to serve as shipping consultants for both imports and exports.

  • Import & Export Services
  • Documentation & Banking
  • Next Flight/Ship Out Priority
  • Foreign Customs Procedures

Import & Export Sevices
  • Customs clearance
  • Air and ocean consolidation
  • Door-to-door service, air or ocean
  • Transportation, clearance & delivery from overseas suppliers
  • Project Services
Documentaion And Banking
  • Preparation of export shipping documents
  • Consular certification services
  • Banking
  • Notary, Chamber of Commerce and legalization services
  • Import license services

Next Flight / Ship out Priority

If your shipment is urgent, we can select the most appropriate airline/shipping line and move it on the first available flight/ship in order to meet deadlines. As a well networked and experienced company, we can obtain cargo space on all the world's major airlines/ships to get your shipment to its destination using the quickest route possible.

Foreign Customs Procedures

SAK can help you overcome the complexities that are often associated with Customs and their procedures. SAK has affiliates in many countries to handle the basic formalities through to the most stringent custom requirements.

Many companies often employ the services of a third party at great expense to overcome issues that SAK can help resolve at a fraction of the cost.

  • Duty Management: Helping with the application and management of Customs schemes that will ensure correct payment of, and where applicable relief from Customs duty.

  • Customs Warehousing: Applications for and management of Customs Bonded Warehouses

  • Tariff Classification: Working with Customs to ensure correct classification of your product.

    Let us know what your requirements are, we will provide the solution and strive to go beyond yours expectations.

    One Stop Import & Export Services "We delivar beyond expetaions !!"